September 04, 2008

What I learned about Omaha Poker game

Omaha is not an easy game to master which is why you should keep these things in mind. I'd like to share with you newbie some of my thoughts about how to start with this game.

First of all, be sure what the best hand is. It's one of the basics of any online poker strategy. Many people get into trouble because the nuts they think turn out to be a totally different hand.

Second, always bear in mind that the five-card hand has to be made up from three from the board and two from your hole cards.

Third, when you have made a monsters hand, strategically get the most out of it. Try to trap as many people as possible in the pot for the most bets.

Last but not the least, gain your experience from practice and learn by asking and reading pros' insights.

Play it now. With Omaha poker strategy on your side, hopefully you could start to win very soon. LOL.

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indefatigable said...

Omaha is quite popular nowadays. Your article is good and useful for the newbies.