September 02, 2008

Need a cute alias?

I have been hanging around online poker rooms for a while. The other day, while I was logging into one of my favorite sites, a thought came to mind. Why stick to your boring alias, like "happyguy1799", bla-bla? Why don't you change your "gender" online? It must be a real experience.

So, I followed my gut feeling, created a new account at an online casino, with a charming username "gigi". I took extreme caution when filling personal profile, leaving as few hints as possible that I was the opposite sex. I wrote: my favorite celebrity is the combination of Brad Pitt and Chris Ferguson; my dream is shopping on the Fifth Avenue after winning large at Bellagio Casino and Resort.

I doubt if I am the only guy who pretends to be a woman online. Men in the room would comment "gigi, give me a hug", something like that to distract me. Before using this female ID, I have no idea that players use chat rooms to read, bluff, intimidate and annoy our neighbors at the poker table. Now! I realize women are looking forward to socializing when playing poker. In my opinion, they will be much easier to be affected with all the clutter of people shooting arrogant comments!

After two days enduring fuzzy conversations and forgoing some hands that would confuse even myself, I terminated this "gigi" account.


indefatigable said...

So interesting! I have never had that experience and after reading your article, I wish I would never have.

Anonymous said...

Though I am a female, I donnot have such experience. Sounds interesting!