September 02, 2008

For those who need a break from the poker table!

Internet poker has a lot of advantages. For example, you can enjoy some funny talks.

AK = Anna Kournikova. Always looks great. Never wins.

Q: Why didn't the elephant like to play cards in the jungle?
A: Because there were too many cheetahs. (Cheaters always avoid official poker rooms)

Q: Where does a professional poker player meet all his opponents?
A: The aquarium. (We are all fish, LOL)

Q: What poker hand did Doyle Brunson win two World Series of Poker events with?
A: !0-2

Q: What does American Airlines stand for in poker?
A: A-A

Laugh it out. However, remember: you must be serious with poker rules...


indefatigable said...

Interesting article. Thanks for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

To find out the answer, you really have to have good imagination.