September 04, 2008

Man vs. machine? Man wins!

In late July, 2007, a much-awaited poker match started between two poker players and one poker computer program. Ali Estami and Phil Laak (the Unabomber) vs. Polaris (the machine). Poker fans were excited to see the results: the machine folded after four rounds.

Although it may remind you that Garry Kasparov was beaten by Deep Blue in the "Millennium War" of chess world, poker pros proved that man is still the best. Artificial intelligence can't and won't rein in every field. You would call a poker champion in WSOP an intimidating opponent, but not a video poker console. Poker is a combination of psychological strategy, personal judgment, and above all, it's a human-to-human interactive game. Where is the happiness if we are playing these emotionless robots at online casinos everyday?

Anyway, in respect of which is better at poker: man or machine, as long as we have fun, who cares?


indefatigable said...

An interesting topic. I am glad that man wins.

Anonymous said...

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