February 26, 2009

Roulette—the most charming casino game

rouletteIt's the "chef-d'oeuvre" in the casino hall. Fortunes are lost and won at the spin of a wheel and the game's reputation is sealed. Since the total of all numbers on the wheel is 666, Roulette is jokingly coined as the game of the devil. And it undeniably has a hold on people who are eager to experience the real thrill of the casino game.

The following are something you may not know about Roulette.

1, essentially there are two versions of Roulette, with different wheel layout. In European Roulette the wheel has 37 slots, comprising of numbers 1-36 and zero. American Roulette has 38 slots, an extra slot, for the double-zero.

2, a minimum of one player is required, with a maximum of eight being accepted at each table. Every player is allocated one colour of chips (to avoid bets being confused).

3, be careful about late betting and misplaced chips. If you bet after the point the dealer has said he is no longer taking bets, your bet will be void. With so many chips on the table, it is inevitable that some will be knocked and end up moving to numbers they are never intended for. While misplaced bets tend to be the biggest source of disputes, by playing online casino you don't need to worry about that any more.


Augustus Guus said...
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Augustus Guus said...

yeah you're right! roulette is one of my favorite games ever in casino. I played it through an onine casino so that I will not be detected by my mother..hahah