February 27, 2009

Play Baccarat with Maths

baccarat bettingBaccarat is one of the simplest games in casino. And what matters most in this casino game is the betting method.

I am not saying that they are the lucrative way or the right way to play, but players use these 2 kinds of betting systems the most—progressive betting system and Fibonacci betting system. Today I'd like to elaborate on the former one.

Here being progressive means throwing out poker chips with a predefined formula, an ever-increasing upper slope. Because, common sense says: if you want to win big, you need to bet big. Meanwhile, you just can't bet big in a random way. Right? Anyway, that's the reason why progressive betting system is applied in a large scale.

And here is a sequence often used in the system. For instance, you have in your pocket $10, the whirl goes this way: 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 2560, so on and so forth.

Attention! Take this for a note: the basic principle behind the winning poker strategy is try to lose as little as possible while win big. While people usually just focus on how to avoid losing money when they sit at the poker table. They are probally right about keeping their butt on the chair but they may not enjoy the true essence of gaming.

Well, back to the game and take a good look at the number sequence. Let's say, if the luck is against you, with a straight loss, you just can't turn back, for all you need to do is throw your chips out again and win the next round. Just win once, and you can gain all your previous losses back. While you stop at that moment and calculate your "jackpot" You can win? Only 10 dollars. In retrospect, it just isn't worth the effort and sometimes if you can't throw the bad-luck monkey off your back, it may drag you too deep to a dangerous marsh…

For a novice of Baccarat who doesn't have a large bankroll, you may probably be using this system right now. Though I recommend you adopt the famous Fibonacci betting system, which I may explain in my later articles. Hay, don't get mad or something. I am not judging. After all, for some people, not losing equals winning! Haha …

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