February 01, 2009

Playing Against a Weak Player

poker slumdog...
Supposed that you are in the tournament and there is a particular player who enters a poker tournament for the first time and it becomes obvious that he is a weak player. In that station, it won’t take us very long to recognize the type of player he was.

If you are an experienced poker player, you can quickly decide that if you are in the pot with him and to show him a hand. If he gets lucky enough to beat you, he is going to beat a hand.

Meanwhile, there are other very good players in this tournament who tries to run over him and force him out of a pot. They will bluff at him constantly and be rarely successful…

What they should not have done is try to bluff him because you simply can’t bluff a bad player as a bad player will call when he’s got any kind of a hand and pass when he doesn’t.

When playing with a weak poker player, show him a hand and you do very fundamental, even obvious things against him---no tricks, no strategic play, nothing fancy…

Play straightforward poker against a weak poker player!

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