February 10, 2009

Journey Back Home

home pokerIt's a long journey home. On the train, we are bored with sleeping and eating. There is little privacy for chatting for total strangers are around within inches in this crowded place at this festival season. So we play poker.

Just between the 2 of us, we play the game "24". It's about showing 4 cards on the poker table, excluding the jokers. And the person who calculate by addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to get 24 with least time wins the game (note: all 4 numbers indicated by the cards must be involved).

Basically, we play it only on special occasions like this one. We don't have notebook computer so no movie; my MP3's battery is dead before we get our butt on our compartment seats. Even not, it can't last for a 50-hour trip; no other entertainment can come up in my mind to kill the time. I try to inspire my GF to experience the magic of Texas Hold'em. But the game loses its attractiveness when there is no money or punishment involved. So I quit myself before she gets bored too.

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