January 06, 2009

Pop Up

You may have never noticed it before, but there are kind of bubble situations involved in major poker events.

Typically, players refer to the cash bubble and the final-table bubble. These are the two most distinct "bubbles" in a tournament. Most players want to cash, especially when getting close to the money. There is also a certain amount of distinction and accomplishment that comes with making a final table, so players often refer to the final-table bubble. The World Poker Tour has a distinct TV bubble, since it shows only the final six players on its broadcast.

The World Series of Poker has another bubble that most players don't recognize. You would sit at a table of unknowns. Probably, you would have an amazing early run, busting out many players, and be claimed as the chip leader after a few hours of play. But keep in mind, your upmost priority there should be "to survive until day two." It's the day-one bubble. The day-one bubble is simply the result of so many players who are playing the main event whose primary goal is to survive day one (note that players typically don't make the money until day three of the main event). It is a unique bubble situation, probably unlike any other tournament, as there is no cash on the line.

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