January 04, 2009

Donkey or Novice?

It just happened.

My hole cards are Ah3h. I see the flop with 3 other poker players. The flop comes Ad3c7c. So I flop 2 pairs and I go all in. 2 players fold, the 3rd player calls. He has nothing but Jc7h. He should have folded with hope for 2 running clubs so dim. Then the turn & river are clubs. I lose.

Personally, I think he is a novice, but I don't know he is also a donkey. I wouldn't call him a weak player, but a bad player who makes blatantly bad plays.

In retrospect, I bet he would call himself lucky. And I have no remorse. After all, I was beat by a runner runner—A situation where both the fourth and fifth community cards are needed to make a hand.

Recently I have been playing Speed Holdem. With 30 seconds countdown at every move, it's hard for loose people to play wisely. What happened to me is a rare thing and I was honored to be involved.

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The Muse said...

Sounds like...a learning experience...:)

Good to visit your post!