October 14, 2008

30 Things About Me

100% Me1, I have a birthmark on my left shoulder blade.

2, I have an incontrollable fear for rats.

3, I like big cities, for it makes me invisible.

4, I am sensitive and nostalgic.

5, I am lack of the itching sense.

6, My favorite precious stone is sapphire.

7, I am odorless, but also a fan of garlic.

8, I am not able to shout in a high voice.

9, I have never been abroad.

10, I learn poker terms not to win, but to enlarge my bank of ideas.

11, I would avoid all the fish dishes in general.

12, I admire the elephant not only because it's cute. I have a short memory .

13, I am an optimistic poker player. It kills me wishing the next lucky card.

14, I tend to please the people I like.

15, I want to do bizarre things and think of original ideas.

16, I once drank grapefruit juice with coffee; it's a really powerful combination.

17, I can tell the Mahjong tile by my fingers; 80 per cent of the estimates are correct.

18, I am afraid of losing my job.

19, There is no reason for me to lose my job.

20, I panic when I am in high places.

21, I shudder when smelling liquor; after-effect of an overdrinking in a high-school reunion.

22, I snore like a mini tractor.

23, I am left-handed; since 5 years old, I write with my right hand.

24, I visit online poker rooms frequently.

25, I used to pack up and tried to leave home at 9 years old.

26, I believe in afterlife.

27, I fall into sleep within 2 minutes after my back touches the bed.

28, I am a sponge to useless information.

29, I think in English though my mother tongue is another one.

30, I have a collection of autographs from a bunch of poker stars.

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