October 15, 2008

She is Teresa

1, she loves juicy fruits.

2, she likes to whistle.

3, she has 3 piggy banks, with over 2,000 coins.

4, she is not a big fan of fluffy pets.

5, she keeps a safe distance from dogs.

6, she has ticklish areas all over.

7, she likes watching Korean entertainment TV shows after coming back home from work.

8, she is pretty upset when losing lots of fake poker chips.

9, she panics, usually with screams when heroes in TV are in danger.

10, she holds my arms and squeezes them if I happen to be there at that moment.

11, she screams at sight of cockroaches, too.

12, She would only eat dumplings if there is no option.

13, she jumps and hops a lot when she is happy.

14, she teases and speaks to babies and hopes them would talk back.

15, she brandishes her arms in a robot-like move in front of the computer.

16, she calls it aerobics.

17, she has a mark on the inside skin of both her ears.

18, she needs snacks to be around while I am responsible to eat most of them.

19, she knows little about poker rules so far.

20, she puts her efforts into remembering poker hand rankings.


Anonymous said...

좋은 문장입니다.
근데요,제가 무슨 뜻인지 모르겠는데요,
혹시 그쪽도 무슨뜻인지 모르는거 아니세요?haha

Moon Ⅱ said...

What are you talking about/?