September 25, 2010

Lazy Day

I googled Perseus just to find out what Clashes of Titans shows is basically true about the life of the first Greek hero. Andromeda, Cetus, these are the names of constellations that I know since childhood, of course. And it is said that when Perseus was on his journey back with flying sandals, the falling drops of Medusa's blood created a race of toxic serpents on the lands of Libya.

There is no documents for me to translate today. So I am surfing lefigaro for the latest French news, in which I interestingly find out that Apple is hot on the market with 267 milliards de dollars, surpassing PetroChina to be No.2 enterprise in the world, on market value, of course.

And speaking of Apple, I need to mention that I had my first experience with iPad yesterday. It's cool but not suitable for me. In contrast, my new Acer notebook is more than an asset. After all, it's only RMB 4100.

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