March 23, 2009

Take Another Look at Pocket Aces in Omaha

A player typically does a little leap in their head when a player stares down and sees pocket aces in Texas Holdem. In Pot Limit Omaha numerous players will have a tendency to do the same thing when they look down at pocket aces, but not all hands that contain aces are physically powerful.

A-A-K-K double suited as many people know, is the best starting hand in Pot Limit Omaha. This also considered is a powerful hand while Preflop, is the hand that is always ahead. A couple of coordinated cards are also very power Poker hands. So does hands that have aces in them.

When the players play aces that are not coordinated or suited, a lot of them get into a trap with aces. Players treat any starting hand with two aces in it like the nuts and sometimes get into a holdem poker mentality. When you are relying on only the aces to win the hand, the problem with playing a hand with aces that does not have any backup or else you need to be incredibly lucky.

A poker player that is known to be an aggressive and loose player raised from middle position in an Omaha Online Poker tournament about a year ago. Mean while a player on the button reraised the pot and the LAG player that reraised all-in and was called. The LAG player showed A-A-4-9 with no suits while the opponent showed Qh-Jd-10h-9s. The aces are only 58% to win if you run stats on this hand preflop and this is almost a coin flip situation. The aces all of a sudden went to an underdog because the flop fell 8s-10c-2d and the player with the wrap had a 57% chance to win at this point. The aces were busted the wrapped player actually hit his straight.

Settled, the need for a player to have backup with their aces are required the wrap to hit. Hand must hit in order to stay ahead although any chance hand with two aces in it is indeed a slight favorite before the flop. Uncoordinated aces will not hit the flop and then fall behind in many cases.

The question of how should a player play a hand with uncoordinated aces depends on several factors including position, the nature of poker players at the table, the restrictions, and certainly your stack. Seeing if you get lucky and limping into a pot with on the flop is the type of one hand that you may even want to consider. Omaha is a drawing game although limping with aces look as if counterintuitive. Players that pick up a draw on the flop actually are ahead against "naked aces". You recognize that a raise will knock some players out. You may want to put in a raise if you are on the button against only limpers. If you do not hit the flop that you may want to tread very lightly should keep in mind or else you may end up giving your chips away.

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