December 22, 2008


I always try more luck than my knowledge when sitting at the poker table. As soon as my butt touches the chair, I forget those golden rules and calculation theories. Everyone did that, the consolation thought told me time and again. This time, after-thought urges me to write about my experiences and lessons.

Pot odds mean little to me when I was holding a 6c9c, with a board containing Kc3c4c4dTh. At that moment, my priority is the application of slow play, rounding in more players with more money. Flush is so big a hand, at least for me, so rare—my "professional" experience of Texas Holdem is no more than 300 hours!

Oh my! I just wish I was as clear-minded as when I mucked my hand and saw the playing as an on-looker. I bet right that a flush defeated a straight once. That hand made me once proud of my know-how of this game: not novice any more; I can type out my pundit-like opinion with "lol"s following my talk without the feeling of self-mockery.

My story: Last Friday, I spent the whole afternoon in one poker room, with my 8 other long-time "comrades". That round, my gut feeling told me to all in with 260 bucks. At that moment, I temporarily put my money's fate in the hand of luck, and luck just let me down …

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The Muse said...

aw no...shame on lady luck!