September 09, 2008

Trivial findings in poker

There is a Rock-Paper-Scissors strategy for poker. It is said to be extremely advanced. You can check it out and share with us later.

Rumors say that dilated pupils tell. So was coined a poker phrase like this: "sunglasses is to poker as steroids is to baseball". I doubt one day in the 22nd century human beings will wear masks while gambling. Thanks to online casinos, this nuisance is kept away.

Phil Hellmuth said, I quote, "pot odds …" "for suckers …"
He is a spoiled brat. Never disrespect the math.

Daniel Negreanu has a reputation as poker's nice guy.

Add fish to your Buddy List. First, you need to have the ability to select them out: read people. Knowing where this guy is from, his poker background, how long he's been playing, who he voted for …With the top 10 poker players in the world, it's 95 percent about the ability to read people and the psychological warfare.

Have you ever been labeled as a calling station, or do you even know that? Use the measure below and see if you qualify as one.
Calling station is a poker term used to negatively describe someone who consistently calls bets and rarely raises, regardless of the strength of his poker hand. Many calling stations can be found on low stakes tables in online poker rooms.

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