September 16, 2008

Evolution: things vs. thoughts

My piggy bank is full of poker chips; and as luck would have it, I really love using a set of chips as a birthday present—my knowledge on poker odds won't help me figure out the probability here. Yes, you see? Poker players have hobbies, some of which are really hilarious.

Today, a wide variety of chips are available. For me, I usually buy these cheap plastics at 7-Eleven. Sometimes I go to novelty shops for decent ones. And if you're planning to play at least once a week, I can't overemphasize how much better the 11.5 gram chips are. They shuffle better, don't knock over as easily and feel more like money.
In previous years Walmart had a whole half isle devoted to chip sets. The sign on the walk ways are so big that the department manager feared that his toy department would be taken for as a casino supply store. It's surely not the case now. Maybe due to the uprising of online poker rooms or maybe the downswing of poker is on the way? I don't know. But the day before yesterday, I tried to upgrade my swimming suit and gadgets for a weekend beach walk, but the Carrefour service lady told me the swimming goods were off the shelf days before. Come on, it's just mid September!

Anyway, things change fast nowadays, it's somehow like a mental chewing gum for us.

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